Chidi is a millennial entrepreneur taking the world by storm. The New York native, born to Nigerian parents resides in Southern California. He is a creative director, videographer, model and actor. In addition to being a well known social media influencer.

Chidi's style is clean, sleek and bold; classified as the “Urban Gentlemen”. He is all about standing out in the perfect fit. With his style he aims to make affordable clothes look high-end.

As a former football and track athlete, Chidi obtain a great physique. He is known for having measurements equivalent to a mannequin.

Chidi spends his time perfecting his craft by creating content for brands, business as well as his own personal page. His vibrant personality, chic attire and physique allow him to stand out from the crowd.

Chidi’s followers range from the debonair gentlemen to the fitness enthusiast. His goal is to inspire his peers to take fashion risk, reach their body goals and to follow their dreams.